...The Great British Hat Movement...

What hat?


A Fedora

Soft felt hat with a wide brim, as seen on everyone from Bogart to Depp. The crown can come in a variety of shapes; centre-dent, c-crown, diamond or even open crowned for you to shape yourself. Generally thought of as wide brimmed, but can come "stingy brimmed". The crowns come in differing heights too (go for a high crown if you're after the vintage style). Felts can be fur or wool.


A Trilby

Soft felt, straw or material hat with a short brim that is sharply turned up at the back. Similar to a fedora. This style is for that "mod" or "indie" look. These can now commonly be found in fashion stores on the high street.

Pork Pies

A Pork pie Hat

Felt (or straw) hat with a flattened top and a short brim (wider brims are available but less common). Think Popeye Doyle in The French Connection. This (much like the trilby) is a less dressy hat.


A Panama Hat

Panamas are traditional brimmed hats from Central America, made from the plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant, which are styled much like felt fedoras. This is an ideal dressy summer hat. Quality is measured by number of weaves per square inch.


A Homburg Hat

Felt hat with a single centre dent in the crown and a brim fixed in a tight upwards curl. Known wearers of this style are Winston Chruchill, Anthony Eden (in the UK commonly known as the Anthony Eden) and the Godfather. This style is more of a dressier style, which looks good with a Tux or a smart suit. Typically found in black or grey, but more modern colourful styles now available.


A Bowler Hat

Stiff felt hat with a domed crown and a brim fixed in a tight upwards curl. It goes by the name of a "derby" in the colonies, however it is in the City of London that it made it's name as a cultural icon. Invented by the Bowler brothers in the 19th Century for Lock & Co. which had been commissioned, by what is said to be Edward Coke, younger brother of the 2nd Earl of Leicester (Lock & Co. call the hat the Town Coke).


A Boater

Straw hat with a flat top and brim, typically worn as a summer hat or school hat (with school colours represented on the ribbon). Fairly formal so would generally be worn with a blazer or suit. Still seen at U.S. political rallies and boating regattas or by barbershop quartets.

Milan Straws

A Milan Straw

Milan/Straw hats are ideal for the summer, woven typically with straw, or a man-made alternatives (plastic or paper), varied colours and ribbons are the order of the day.

Tweed Caps

A Tweed Cap

OK, not a hat but worth a mention. Tweeds caps come in a variety of formats and names, flat caps, newsboys, baker boys. They also come in other materials (leather, linen).