...The Great British Hat Movement...

What makes a hat?

Hat Diagram

Glossary of Terms

  • Bash - See Crease
  • Blocking - The process of molding & shaping a felt hood into a hat
  • Brim - The projecting rim of the hat
  • Crease - The way in which a hat has been shaped
  • Crown - The top part of the hat covering the head
  • Felt - Material made from fur, wool or hair by compacting the fibres with heat and moisture
  • Fur felt - Hat felt made of animal fur such as beaver, rabbit or nutria. Very hardy and luxurious material
  • Hat block - The block (typically wooden) upon which a hat is shaped
  • Hat trolley - See Wind trolley
  • Hatband - The ribbon around the crown of a hat, ty[ically made of a grosgrain ribbon
  • Hood - The cone of felt or straw used to making a hat
  • Milliner - The maker or seller of women's hats
  • Nap - The fibers of he felt extending above the unifrom surface of the felt
  • Pouncing - The smoothing of the outside of the felt on a hat
  • Pugaree - A pleated cloth wrapped around a hat in place of a hatband
  • Punti - French/european hat size scale
  • Snap brims - A brim that turns, or snaps down
  • Sweatband - The leather or material band around the inside of the hat
  • Wind chord - See Wind trolley
  • Wind trolley - A string and button (to go in the lapel button hole) that prevents your hat being blown away by the wind
  • Wool felt - Hat felt made of predominently wool content, cheaper alternative to fur felt and has a tendency to shrink or lose it's shape